How to Know If It’s Time to Update Your IT Systems

New technology can do amazing things for a business. It can propel your organization into the future—enabling your people to get more accomplished on a faster timeline with greater efficiency. But just like buying a new car or a new home computer, the “power of new” doesn’t last forever.

Eventually, as the years pass, and your systems put more miles on them, they begin to slow down. What once was an asset driving your company forward can become a liability holding it back if you’re not smart and strategic in your IT decision-making. That’s why you always want to think proactively and try to stay ahead of the game when it comes to managing your IT systems.

So how do you know when it’s time to update or replace a piece of technology before it’s too late? CIO recently shared “10 signs it may be time for an IT system change”. A few of the key indicators noted in the article include:

Your technology starts disrupting productivity

When your systems start making it more difficult for people to get their jobs done—causing them to seek out workarounds or make compromises—that’s a key sign it may be time for a technology change. As the article states: “Outdated technology forces us to work within its constraints, instead of doing what’s best for the business.”

You notice a decline in sales or growth projections

The CIO article notes, when it comes to growth projections, “If companies are finding the cost of running the business is growing as fast or faster than the top line, the culprit is almost always a technology gap.” Likewise, in the area of sales, “Businesses will increasingly lose deals to competitors that more effectively integrate new technologies and better enable clients.”

You’re using applications that are no longer supported

A good sign you’ve held onto a piece of technology past its prime is if it’s no longer supported by the developer or company behind it. This typically means there are no longer updates being released for the product, which can lead to problems and security risks for your organization. Another telling sign is if you have an outdated program or application that no longer works with newer systems or software you have in place.

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